Testris, today I've published my game to the heroku hosting.

Chrome WebStore version - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/eeehcmbhicglclggakomjhhlmemhjbde

I hope soon I will publish the galaxy invaders game based using html5 rendering.

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nice solitr game

you can find sources in the next following link:


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Pomodoro App

Hi everyone!

I’ve just pushed my simple application for working with pomodoro.

based on backbonejs, jquerymobile, sinatra, rack-offline.


Enable localStorage for cucumber features

We have already made fork for capybara-webkit and now we can test localStorage features using cucumber/capybara-webkit.

But for enabling properly this feature you should use the next following snippet in the env.rb:

Capybara.default_host = "lvh.me"
Capybara.app_host = "http://lvh.me:3003"
Capybara.server_port = 3003

Before('@html5') do
  if [:webkit, :webkit_debug].include? Capybara.current_driver

    # Single localStorage per scenario by generating subdomain
    part = (1000 * rand()).to_i.to_s
    Capybara.default_host = "subdomain#{part}.lvh.me"
    Capybara.app_host = "http://subdomain#{part}.lvh.me:3003"

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html5 please
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Some days ago I’ve got task to test our offline application with cucumber scenarios.

It was very difficult to do it because in our project we are using capybara-webkit and unfortunately it doesn’t support html5 a lot of features in this webkit server implementation. After digging into forks of capybara-webkit I found one fork with html5 support features via custom ‘set_attribute’ for browser:

page.driver.browser.set_attribute("LocalStorageEnabled", true)

I’ve made merge with master of capybara-webkit in my own fork and then we’ve started to use this fork. But then I found another problem connecting with routing through the application using backbone routers concept with ‘#’ in the routes.

It looks like:


When I tried to visit this links webkit_server was always hanging without throwing messages by timeout. It makes me upset and I’ve decided to replace capybara-webkit driver at all.

I am trying to use poltergeist


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Hi everyone!

I have just published very small library for backbone.

May be it will helps someone.